RAF Cadets experienced the thrill of flight at RAF Cranwell

Last week, 8 Gresham’s CCF (RAF) Cadets from Years 10 – 13 managed to get airborne at 7 AEF, RAF Cranwell.

Each Cadet got a 25-35 minute flight in a Grob Tutor with an experienced RAF pilot around the area local to RAF Cranwell. They were learning the principles of flight, how to control an aircraft and some even opted to experience the thrill of aerobatics such as loop the loops! All of the Cadets took control of the aircraft and flew the aircraft for themselves under the watchful eye of their pilots.

Flying is a core activity to the RAF Section and experiencing the thrill of flight helps foster an interest in aviation as well as develop Cadets’ confidence and knowledge of the basic physics behind flight.

For most of the Cadets, it was their first RAF Air Experience Flight, which means that they have earnt their blue wings to wear on their uniform. What a brilliant way to end the term!