Senior Prefects 2023/24

We are pleased to announce the Senior School Heads of School, Deputy Heads of School, Heads of House and Additional School Prefects for the academic year 2023/24.

Heads of School                                                                     

Spike C (W)                                                        

Jemima T (E)  

Deputy Heads of School      

Sophia C (Q)

Michelle W (Q)

Heads of School and Deputy Heads of School 2023/24

Heads of House                                                

Rosie W (E)

Eduvie O (F)  

Elliot H (H)

Erin L (O)

Clara G (Q)

Louis P (T)

Max M (W)              

Additional School Prefects                                       

Phoebe C (E)                                                

Darcey L (E) 

Larkin A (F) 

Tillie C (Q) 

Miranda H-S (Q) 

Charles K (T)

Beowulf O (W)

Trent S (W)

School Prefects 2023/24