Senior pupils participated in the inaugural Inter-House target sprint competition

The inaugural Gresham’s School Inter-House target sprint competition took place at the end of January.  Each of the seven Houses entered a Junior team (Year 9 & Year 10) of five competitors and a Senior team (Year 11, Year 12 & Year 13), also containing five competitors. The event was adapted slightly, in order to make it very spectator friendly and also to allow those that had not done very much shooting the opportunity to be competitive. Each competitor was required to run 200 meters before coming into the air rifle range and shooting down five targets. Once the five targets had been knocked down then the next runner set off around the track. The event was made slightly more exciting as it was run under floodlight, at 8 o’clock in the evening. Both the track and the range were floodlit to create a wonderful atmosphere.

A huge congratulations, and thank you, must go to all those that took part and that were involved in the event. Particularly well done to Howson’s for winning the Junior trophy and to Oakeley for winning the Senior trophy. Oakeley also won the overall trophy, so very well done to them.