Talented Athlete Development

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Our Talented Athlete Development programme is aimed at providing a range of support for those who want to thrive in any elite sporting environment. The areas of focus within the programme will provide much needed sports science guidance and technical development to support the individual needs of each of our sport scholars and award holders. Our aim is to “develop and prepare our pupils to compete in elite sporting environments both at Gresham’s School and beyond.”

At Gresham’s School, an elite sporting environment is defined as representing the 1st teams in our major sports programme. Outside of Gresham’s School, the routes that the majority of pupils may take to elite sporting environments such as Junior Academies or Regional representation, Top level BUCs University Sport, Professional club environments.

The School strongly believes in developing students who are prepared for both elite sport and life beyond Gresham’s School. Scholars and award holders on the TAD programme are expected to be role models for all in the behaviours of working hard, being honest and being kind.  We understand that TAD pupils will be busy but part of the expectation of joining the programme is that pupils attend all the sessions that are offered unless agreed in advance by their mentor.

Talented Athlete Development pupils all have access to the following key areas:

Mentor Sessions – Pupils meet their TAD mentor to share weekly loafing, identify pinch points, discuss the week’s sport and identify areas to help continue to train, play and study at a high level.

Strength & Conditioning – Pupils have exclusive access to the Strength & Conditioning Performance Gym with our Strength and Conditioning coach. Each pupil has a bespoke training plan using TeamBuildr.

Technical Development – Pupils will have access to working with the Directors of Sport to develop their technical skills within our major sports. Pupils who are in Year 9 & 10 will work on the sport in season, while Year 11, 12 & 13 pupils will be able to choose their favoured sports each term. 

Workshops – Each term, pupils will have access to workshops in sports psychology, nutrition, rehabilitation, analysis and other important topics.  Parents will also be able to access a series of evening workshops to help them prepare to support high achieving sports pupils.

Elite Sport Exposure – It is very important for any aspiring elite sportsperson to be exposed to the world of elite sport.  TAD pupils will have exclusive access to elite player visits and trips to elite professional and university facilities to gain a deeper understanding of the demands of elite sport and to hopefully motivate them to achieve this level.