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At Gresham’s, all pupils will study all three sciences at GCSE level, but there is a choice as to how this is achieved. The school offers GCSE Combined Science which amounts to two GCSEs (a double award GCSE in Combined Science), or separate Science GCSE which amounts to three individual Science GCSEs (in Biology, Chemistry and Physics).

We would envisage that those who are planning to study a Science subject at A level or the IB Diploma Programme would take the three individual Sciences. Those who do not plan to study Science after GCSE, or who may still be unsure, would follow the Combined Science route. The taking of Combined Science does not prevent a pupil from continuing in any Science through to A level or the IB, assuming a sufficiently high grade is achieved. There will, however, be some information that they will need to review and catch up with prior to starting the course. The judgement as to which route is most appropriate is guided by the Science Department who recommend the appropriate route at the end of the Lent Term.

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