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Our aim as a department is to provide high quality musical opportunities for all pupils, regardless of standard, and to broaden and develop their experiences in a range of genres and styles, from the traditional to the contemporary.

The life and soul of a successful music department begins in the classroom and there are an exciting range of opportunities to study music at Gresham’s Senior. Well-resourced classrooms and access to numerous practice rooms support pupils of all ages and musical preference to develop their skills and their music making. The Strathmore Studio is integral to all qualifications and students become literate using standard notation software and Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), to create and communicate their musical intentions.

Pupils who love music and study to develop their applied knowledge and academic understanding will thrive when pursuing their passion. The IB Music course enables pupils to forge their own way, explore further their own instrument, context and musical understanding.


Entry requirements: The music course has been transformed to focus on creativity; discovery and pupil lead learning, and at both SL and HL requires no formal prior training in music. The course is designed to allow students to experience music on a personal level while expanding their musical identity. The individual student’s prior experiences will determine the students’ pathways through, and engagement with, the course. It is, however, advantageous to have a musical interest, passion and ability to discover music linked to personal, local and global contexts.

The IB Music course is offered at Standard and Higher Level. This is an incredible exciting, creative and innovative course that puts the individual pupil at the centre of their own investigative programme of study.  Exploring, experimenting, creating and collaborating are the key areas of study, with links across areas of inquiry including music for socio and political expression, music for impact, movement and entertainment, music for listening and music technology.

The course is divided into 3 sections

Exploring music in context: Researching and analysing music across different styles and responding to what you find creatively through performing and composing

Experimenting with music: Taking musical ideas, changing and transforming them and presenting your ideas and findings through practical discovery

Presenting music: Respond to your favourite piece an perform, compose and create in your chosen styles

Contemporary music maker (Higher Level Only): Work on a new project with other art forms and create a multimedia presentation to share your work and outcomes, using real life skills and collaborative approaches.