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This is an additional option we may be able to offer to candidates who feel their strongest language (A Language) is their native language and who would like to explore the concepts of an A Literature course through literature in their native language.

This applies to candidates where we do not offer a taught course in this particular language, but will support their learning through a well-coordinated, guided self-study.

Entry requirements: Ideally a good level of competence in the candidate’s native language and some well-founded knowledge on literature and text analysis (equivalent to GCSE English 1st Language)

Pupils’ knowledge and understanding will be tested in two exam papers at the end of the course – Paper 1 deals with an unseen text, and Paper 2 requires the comparison of two works from the reading list.

There is also an oral component, this consists of a presentation the candidate will prepare
in advance.


Paper 1 (35%): The paper consists of two passages from two different literary forms, each accompanied by a question. Pupils choose one passage and write an analysis of it.

Paper 2 (35%): The paper consists of four general questions. In response to one question, pupils write a comparative essay based on two works studied in the course.

Individual Oral (30%): Supported by an extract from one work written originally in the language studied and one from a work studied in translation, pupils will offer a prepared response of 15 minutes to a prompt which asks pupils to examine a text for the ways in which a global issue is presented within it. This will be recorded and sent off for external examination.

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