Sixth Form pupils studying French enjoyed a theatre trip to see Chapeau Dani

On Friday 19th May a group of Sixth Form pupils travelled to Norwich Puppet Theatre to see Sacré Théâtre’s’ performance of Chapeau Dani. The production was a homage to the late Dani Limon, UEA French lecturer, and performer in UEA French theatre over nearly 50 years. Gresham’s has watched Dani perform for many years now, and this year the performance consisted of a series of scenes and extracts that Dani performed in, or which in some way express her, woven together with text and music. It included scenes from plays by Feydeau, Genet, Giraudoux, Ionesco, Moliere, Sartre, and Voltaire. Carefully selected French songs performed by the cast accompany Queneau’s Zazie (dans le metro) as she travels through the whole production following ‘le chapeau’. This was particularly useful for our Sixth Form pupils who have and will study Ionesco, Molière and Sartre. Pupils involved were Daisy W, Honor S, Viktoria H, Hattie W, Kitty R, Beowulf O, Erik T and Phoebe W.