Tallis boys took to their heels for the annual ‘Farmer-Wright’ run

Friday May 19th saw the boys of Tallis once more take to their heels for the annual ‘Farmer-Wright’ Run! Blessed with sunny skies, more than 70 pupils, 15 parents and Tallis OGs and 7 members of staff embarked on the dash from Gresham’s to Sheringham Esplanade in the early evening. Each were faced with a high tide and subsequently shingle to run on for the last mile of the 10k run! As ever Ben W was on brilliant form and took first place with Henry B and Seb W not so very far behind! However this is never about the finishing time and only ever about each boy crossing the line with a smile on their face on a sunny summer evening! As a House event it is without equal and of course it is made all the more special by the dash (shorter than usual this year) into the sea after the run! Well done to all the boys and to the parents that took them on – and in many cases won!