Team Frog reflect on their incredible journey to the VEX World Finals in Dallas, Texas

As Team Frog prepared to catch their flight home, they reflected on their journey over the past three years.

They have competed in multiple regionals across the UK and reached two National finals. They have achieved multiple awards including their Innovate award that ultimately got them to the VEX World Finals in Dallas, Texas.

They were among over 850 teams in Dallas which puts them in the top 5% of teams from across the world. They finished in the top 200 in the skills challenge which puts them in the top 1.2% in the world.

Georgina, Chloe-Leila and Emily have shown such resilience and determination over the past 3 years in VEX and the confidence and maturity at finals was a product of all this hard work. They plan to mentor upcoming VEX groups at Gresham’s to support future teams wishing to reach the dizzy heights of worlds.

There were over 115,000 people who visited the finals in Dallas with robotics teams from over 45 different countries, it was a wonderful experience for all, and lots can be taken from it.

On the final day in Texas, they explored Dallas city centre via a tour bus and soaked up some of the atmosphere and culture.

Many thanks for all the support to get these young women to World’s!