The Auden Society were treated to some inspiring talks

The Auden Society were treated to some inspiring talks this week as they gathered for their third meeting of the year. Alma shared a very personal reading journey, inspired by ‘Même le bruit de la nuit ont changés’ by Violette d’Urso which was beautifully delivered and highlighted how emotive reading can become when you find a book that relates to a personal circumstance. Eduvie’s passionate introduction to film had us all hooked – I know we will be seeing more of him on the big screen in the future! Following Eduvie, Beowulf explained the concept of the poetic muse to the group and gave some excellent examples from the world of literature. Lastly, Emily recommended a recent read by Maggie O’Farrell, ‘The Marriage Portrait’, that connected well for many of our pupils who have studied ‘To My Last Duchess’ at GCSE. What a wonderful evening of literary inspiration and discussion, and fantastic to see pupils attending who do not study English too! The next gathering is on the 6th December for the Auden Christmas Special.