The Gresham’s archives have uncovered a natural Science collection

Over in the Dyson Building, a wonderful collection of historical Natural Science objects has recently been uncovered in the Biology Department, pictured here with Mr Wight. Miss Gathercole’s classroom collection includes Coleoptera, butterfly specimens, an elephant tooth, tusk, and an African Crowned Crane’s wing, alongside other treasures. A century ago, items like these would have enabled Gresham’s pupils to gain a better understanding of the rich and diverse natural world beyond our Norfolk borders. The fact that they are still being preserved and used as an inspiration for others in the field of Science and Biology is wonderful to see.

Year 13 pupil Alfie has used computer science to give our history a future.

An A level Computer Science project has been in the works behind the scenes in the Gresham’s archives. As a result of Alfie K’s work, we will be able to improve the search capabilities for records in the online catalogue. This will make our records more accessible for researchers who are working remotely.