The History Book Club met to discuss ‘Making Sense of the Troubles’

In early February, the Year 13 pioneers of the History Book Club met to discuss the third book they have read so far, ‘Making Sense of the Troubles’ by David McKittrick and David McVea. Phoebe, Georgie and George met to discuss the book’s even-handed treatment of the Northern Ireland Conflict. They discussed the static nature of society in Northern Ireland after 1921, the influence of personalities like Terence O’Neill, Brian Faulkner and Ian Paisley, and the reasons for the descent into violence and the failure of the Stormont Assembly. They also shared some of the very moving personal testimonies of the Troubles and discussed what had led to the peace process and what the Northern Ireland Protocol might mean for the future of peace post-Brexit. The History Book Club is now expanding as Year 12 members join and our next book review is ‘Coffee with Hitler’ by Charles Spicer who will visit Gresham’s to talk about his book on Monday 27th February.