The Summer term Field Days saw pupils get involved in a huge range of activities


About 90 pupils in the services program volunteered in the local community. There were many groups scattered across North Norfolk. At Eve’s Hill Veg company, at Kelling, at Thornage Hall and along the River Glaven. Pupils worked in allotments, in gardens and at commercial vegetable growing sites. Jobs included: weeding, clearing beds for new crops, potting on young plants and watering.

One group of pupils made clay bricks that will eventually form a wall in the Natural Surroundings bee garden in Glanford, which will hopefully attract a hairy footed flowerbee. The gang also cut off the seed heads of pendulums sedge. Later in the afternoon OG Henry Crawley and Ex Biology teacher Tony Leach took them on a hunt for the Himalayan Balsam. They learnt to spot this incredible successful invasive species and armed with our sticks, battle with stinging nettles, cross precarious branches and even walk through streams. A day of nature!

At the Treehouse community café in Holt there were numerous wooden pagodas to paint for their new sensory garden. Nearby, a team was based at St Andrew’s church. They were mowing grass, painting fences, strimming and weeding.

Jude P and Darcey L cleared a huge area of the Holt kitchen garden and sowed green compost and wildflower seeds. Later in the afternoon, the St Andrew’s crew came and helped finish the job. Many thanks to them and a especially to Darcey and Jude for their determined spade work.

Four students volunteered at Holt Primary school, assisting in the different year group classrooms, particularly with one-to-one reading. Their efforts were hugely appreciated by everyone at Holt Primary.

Another small group went to Holt Youth Project with an exciting card weaving workshop and they also helped in their allotment.

There was a jaunt to Norwich with a visit to the Castle Museum and the Last Voyage of the Gloucester exhibition whilst another group hiked to the coast and picked litter along the shingle beach.

Meanwhile in school there was plenty to be done with the charity knitting group, or doing maintenance work in Tallis.

Also within school, pupils created a special Labyrinth on the floor in Chapel. Labyrinths are ancient pathways found across the world, most famously in some of Europe’s major Cathedrals. They offer space for reflection and inner stillness in a busy world.

The beautiful pathway was constructed by the Art Department and some Year 9 pupils using natural materials. Staff and pupils have the opportunity to walk around the Labyrinth, taking time to reflect and unwind at the end of a busy school year.

It was a brilliant two days of volunteering and well done to everyone who got involved.


The 19th & 20th June saw some of the busiest Field Days in recent memory. The whole of the Year 9 recruit cohort were involved in assessment of their expedition skills with navigation, campcraft, first aid and trekking activities. Year 10 experienced military training according to section with the Royal Navy section afloat with sailing, kayaking and powerboating at Hickling Broad and the Army section completing field craft skills including blank firing battle simulations as well as live firing at Swanton Morley.

The RAF section learnt skills as varied as archery and rifle drill. On the second day, the RAF cadets did a rotation of paddle boarding, kayaking and raft building at the Mike Thurston Water Activities Centre in North Walsham. The day culminated in the cadets racing their self-built rafts with a mixed degree of success; only one raft made it to the finish line intact! It was a brilliant day of skills building, team building and whacky races! 

Over the two days, the senior NCOs in Year 12 had the opportunity to develop their leadership skills, whether leading a section attack, coordinating a team or delivering a lesson. The skills of resilience, concentration and teamwork were fully on display.

RAF cadets at Mike Thurston Water Activities Centre

Army section in the woods

RAF archery

RAF rifle drills

RAF water fight

Royal Navy sailing

CCF Range day

Theatre in the woods

A selection of pupils headed into Theatre in the Woods to work on getting the stage ready for the upcoming Pop Concert.