The Tallis boys braved an unusually wet ‘Farmer-Wright Run’

On Friday 3rd May 2024 at 4pm the boys of Tallis steeled themselves for an unusually wet ‘Farmer-Wright Run.’ Blazing sunshine the day before cruelly lingered in the minds of the 70 boys who trudged over to the start line to undertake our annual 10k run to Sheringham with only the prospect of fish and chips, and a number of soggy parents at start and finish, to encourage them. However despite our collective reticence this was one of our best runs yet – maybe our spirits were hardened and lifted by the collective adversity faced! The mood of the boys throughout the run and particularly on the finish line as we welcomed the runners in was exceptional and one of the best advertisements of the character of Tallis and those that call it home. With the North Sea too turbulent to consider the usual spontaneous charge towards it, the boys looked somewhat relieved to put their towels and trunks back in their bags! Tired legs and heads were then the broad experience of many that evening and an uncharacteristically quiet House. The Tallis Run is an event that Mr Cox continues to hold is beyond compare here at the Senior School revealing as it does in all their glory those virtues which we champion here at Gresham’s and in Tallis; ambition, tenacity, kindness and plenty of character. This year the run demanded these qualities to even greater degree and the boys proved themselves more than worthy of the challenge!