Well done to The U15 boys rugby team who played in the National Bowl against Princethorpe College

The U15 boys Rugby team played in their National Bowl this week, after reaching the final 16. The team had a long bus journey across to Princethorpe College. The match had been postponed due to frozen pitches the week before.

As the wind howled and the pitch glistened with moisture, Gresham’s unleashed a spectacle of brilliant rugby in the first half. Their strategic prowess shone through, cleverly harnessing the gusts to their advantage. At half-time, the scoreboard painted a portrait of a hard-fought battle, with the opposition leading 10-5.

Undeterred by an even windier second half, the team pressed on valiantly. Hector B, Ollie J, and Sam T dazzled with remarkable carries, while Ben B showcased his prowess in the back field. Despite their tenacity, Princethorpe College managed to pull away in the closing stages, securing a 31-12 victory. The final score doesn’t reflect the true intensity of the match, which was fiercely contested.

Well done to the U15s for their commendable journey to the final 16, a testament to their skill and determination. A special mention for the U14’s player who played a pivotal role in this cup run.