Well done to Woodlands who have won the House chess tournament

The past two weeks have seen the houses go head-to-head in a riveting and electric interhouse chess tournament. Players have improved their practice and etiquette, showing the true sporting behaviour expected in tournament rules chess. After the qualifying rounds Tallis and Howson’s played for third position with Woodlands and Farfield competing for first in the final. The qualifying rounds saw two-minute finishes, stalemates, victories against tournament favourites, tides change halfway through and games run to time. After a coin toss by those teams gaining highest points in the qualifying rounds, each house played three rounds. Two points were awarded for a win, one point for a draw and zero for a loss. Congratulations to all those playing in the final: Theo A, Nikolaus P, Erik T, Pablo B, Arthur C, Ferdinand V, Charles C, Jamie P, Benny S, Tomas R, Jamie P and Vasilii B. A special mention goes to Lydia F of Edinburgh and Kyla C Oakeley for outstanding performances in the qualifying stages. The results of the final, held in the prestigious Fishmongers’ Hall in Britten Building were:


Board 1 – Woodlands win

Board 2 – Woodlands win

Board 3 – Woodlands win

Congratulations to Theo A, Nikolaus P and Erik T.


Board 1 – Tallis win

Board 2 – Howson’s win

Board 3 – Howson’s win

Congratulations to Charles C, Jamie P and Benny S