Year 10 and 12 worked through a carousel of activities on Wellbeing Day 2023

On Wednesday 28th June, Year 9 had their Wellbeing morning and Year 10 had their Wellbeing afternoon. Pupils worked through a carousel of four activities aimed at promoting their wellbeing by helping inform and empower them to make responsible decisions in their personal and online relationships.  

The four activities were as follows: 

  • ‘Tender’ charity drama workshop, working to promote healthy behaviour and prevent abuse in teenage relationships. For more information, please visit 
  • ‘Cyber Escape Room’ – A hands-on workshop from Suffolk Police increasing awareness of online dangers and promoting understanding of cyber security and internet safety. 
  • ‘Sexwise’ – Talk and activities from our Health Centre staff, promoting responsible sexual health and providing information about sexual health services.  
  • ‘The Boy in the Photograph’ – Talk/drama anti-bullying presentation, encouraging reflection on the impact we have on others, developing empathy and understanding and teaching practical skills and strategies for dealing with bullying behaviour.