Year 12 heard from the Norfolk Roads and Armed Policing Team as part of their Wellbeing programme

On Monday 12th June, Norfolk Roads and Armed Policing Team came to deliver their presentation ‘Can you see me?’ to our Year 12 pupils as part of their Wellbeing Programme. This event aims to demonstrate to young road users the various blind spots surrounding a lorry and therefore raises awareness of the potential dangers to pedestrians, cyclists, motor cyclists and drivers.

Mats were placed on the ground around the lorry to indicate areas that were visible and not visible to the driver. Pupils participated as pedestrians and some volunteered to sit in the driver’s seat in the cab, giving them first hand experience of the driver’s view.

As well as being highly informative, it was also good to meet Jill, who told us about her 25 years of experience working for Norfolk County Council driving a gritter lorry. Lorry driving is often still perceived to be a man’s job and so she was a great example of someone challenging stereotypes to follow her own interests and ambition.