Year 6 pupils created some fantastic displays for the annual Science Fair

On Thursday 22nd June, the Prep School hall came to life with the annual Year 6 Science Fair.

Over the previous weeks, the children worked in teams and conducted science investigations of their own choosing. They then created displays of their findings.

As always, there was a fantastic array of interesting questions, such as:

  • What is the most effective ingredients in sun cream?
  • How does the pH of different types of milk vary?
  • Does the brand of food affect our perception of taste?
  • What is the best drink to have after eating chilli?
  • Does listening to music affect our reaction times?
  • Do different paints alter the burning time of wood?

To name but a few!

Well done to everyone who took part and congratulations to the overall winners.

1st Place Overall: Boombastic (Nathaniel, Norah and Oli) Which fizzy drinks react with mentos the most?

2nd Place Overall: Beat Biologists (Erik, Millie and Charlotte) How does music affect your heart rate?

3rd Place Overall: Sweet Energy (Hetty, Paddy and Lulu) How does sugar affect your ability to exercise?