Year 7 pupils have enjoyed salsa dancing lessons

Year 7 Spanish have had a cultural interlude this week where they learnt a bit about Cuba and did some research into the history of Salsa (the dance, not the sauce). Then on Thursday they were treated to a salsa lesson with our fabulous dance teacher, Lucy, who had them all grooving and moving to the beat in no time. Olé!

Prep School featured in The Cricketer Schools Guide 2023

We are delighted to announce that Gresham’s Prep School has been featured as a top 50 Prep School in the UK in The Cricketer magazine. It is a fantastic achievement to be featured after a thorough selection process, in which hundreds of schools sent in entries to be featured in the list. All entries were then judged against an extensive set of criteria, which included a compelling commitment to cricket in the curriculum, facilities, fixture programmes and coaching.

This is also telling of the hard work that our cricket teams put in to achieve results, which has payed dividends for both boys and girls cricket teams, who had impressive seasons last year. The Girls U13A and B teams ended their season last summer with wins against Wisbech Grammar School and Norwich School respectively, topped off with a win at the St Joseph’s College six-a-side tournament. The U13 boys team ended their season winning the County Cup. These are fantastic results for our Prep cricket teams and very promising looking towards next season.

Gresham’s sports fantastic facilities for our budding cricketers, who have the opportunity to develop their skills all year round with the use of the Bola Meryln indoor bowling machine. Cricket is the main sport for Boys and Girls in the Prep School in the summer term. The game is initially learned through the Kwik cricket format encouraging all players to develop batting, bowling, and fielding skills. As their skills develop, coaching builds towards pairs and T20 match formats with most players moving into the hard ball game in Year 5 or 6. Players are offered coaching throughout the year during activities sessions led by the school’s Director of Cricket, Chris Brown, and other cricket coaching staff.


Careers and the STEAM coordinator worked together to produce STEAM Week. It was a busy week with speakers, workshops, a Chapel talk, virtual Maths Challenge with F1 McLaren and a STEAM Careers Fair with 40 exhibitors including Lotus Cars, The Dyson Institute, the Armed Forces, the Quadram Institute and more.
The Sixth form Academic Enrichment talk was with Zoe Griffiths, from Think Maths who gave a interactive talk on the Hidden Maths of Technology.
On Tuesday Zoe did a sequence of four Maths workshops on ‘Shapes and Smoke Rings’ which were attended in separate sessions for year 11, year 10, year 7 and outreached to pupils from Sheringham High School and Cromer Academy.
On Wednesday the Chapel talk was with Andrew Gale and some of his team from Blakely Clothing.
Later on Wednesday F1 McLaren Aerodynamicist, OG Kunz Chow (W 2009 – 13) together with the F1 McLaren outreach team did a virtual maths and science challenge to show pupils how curriculum learning and mathematical theory is used with performance analysis. The pupils were given a challenge involving use of algebra, calculus, pie, trigonometry.
The STEAM Careers Fair celebrated and showcased a diverse variety of STEAM employment with 40 exhibitors representing Creativity, Design, Art, Engineering, Property, the Armed Forces, Software Engineering, Technology Design, Science, Agriculture, the Environment and Space.
All year 9-13 pupils attended with external schools bringing pupils from Alderman Peel High School, Aylsham High School, Sheringham High School and Cromer Academy.
Prep School pupils from years 7 & 8 attended and Parents were invited.
The learning outcome was for pupils to link STEAM subject learning to employment by finding out from exhibitors what their role is, how they got to where they are now and what skills and opportunities employers offer.



Gresham’s School welcomes employers to Dyson Building for STEAM Careers Fair

Year 4 data handling lessons

Year 4 have spent some time looking at the way in which to manage and compile data. In lessons they learnt how to collect, organise and present data through surveys that they have designed themselves.

Year 7 production of Romeo and Juliet in ‘a Play in 2 Days’

Year 7 pupils were given the rather formidable challenge of producing a play in just 2 days… And not just any play, ‘Romeo and Juliet’. 

With guest director, Ian Murchie, pupils were taken on a roller-coaster ride of consolidating their knowledge of the text studied in English lessons, learning lines, developing character and projecting their voices. 

They worked brilliantly as an ensemble to create a lively, emotive and engaging piece of tragic theatre which blended contemporary music, modernised lines and original Shakespearean text to great effect. Well done, Year 7!

Year 6 treated to Science lesson held by local bird expert

On Monday 31st October, Mr Dempster (retired teacher and local bird expert) treated Year 6 to a lesson on bird identification. Everyone benefitted from Mr Dempster’s fantastic knowledge and enthusiasm, and they were successful in identifying 48 different species of bird.

Prep School Art Club activities

Prep art club have been up to a multitude of activities this term, exploring with different mediums and creative styles. Pupils have been making props, painting, drawing and mask-making! We look forward to seeing more amazing artwork from everyone this half term!

Year 6 History Trip to Gressenhall Museum of Rural Life

Year 6 Solve the Mystery of the Stolen Candlesticks!

Transported back to 1865 with Queen Victoria on the throne, Year 6 met an array of costumed characters who gave them a taste of workhouse and farm life from the time, whilst they also tried to discover who had stolen Mrs Clackett’s precious silver candlesticks. Could it have been the school master who had drilled rote times tables into the children? Maybe it was Alice, the overworked and resentful washerwoman, or perhaps Plowright, one of Gressenhall’s habitual returnees or even Mrs Clackett herself, furious that her husband had given them to the chapel. Only Year 6 know the answer!

Prep pupils have reached the finals of the Future Entrepreneur of the Year competition

Congratulations to a group of our Prep pupils, who make up the team ‘Custom Forces’, for getting through to the International Finals of the ABE endorsed Kids MBA Future Entrepreneur of the Year competition! Their innovative idea for a trainer renovation company has secured them a place in the final alongside nine other schools from six different countries. Click here to read more about the ABE Endorsed KidsMBA programme.

Year 8 pupils enjoyed practical engineering workshops

On Tuesday, 21st June 2022, the Prep School once again welcomed Mr Rob Panter, Managing Director of Canham Consulting, to deliver his third talk on engineering this academic year. Following his talks introducing engineering and engineering disasters, this time Rob delivered a practical workshop to pupils in Year 8 introducing structural design and some complex mathematics that he and his team use daily. The pupils were challenged to analyse a simple structure, assessing the load and load path in addition to calculating the bending moment, shear force, bending stress, pressure and deflection. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to explore these areas with Rob. Gresham’s Prep School wishes to thank Rob for the time and engineering expertise he has given our fortunate pupils this year. We look forward to welcoming him back in the future.