Year 7 practised their language skills in a French café role play

Year 7 had fun ordering drinks and snacks in a French café role play using menus they had created themselves.

33 Prep School swimmers competed in the IAPS qualifying round

33 Prep School swimmers went to Culford School to compete in the IAPS qualifying round. Thousands of swimmers from across the country compete, and those with the 20 fastest qualifying times in each event are invited to the IAPS National Swimming Championships, which will be held at the National Aquatic Centre in June.

Well done to Henry, who excelled in his recent gymnastics competition

Year 3 pupil Henry recently competed in a gymnastics competition, and achieved some fantastic results. He achieved gold for vault, bar and parallel bars and silver on the floor.

The competition was quite a step up for him, as he had to compete in the 9 – 11 year old category due to the age splits for competitions later in the year. All of the boys in the team performed brilliantly and supported each other.

Well done to Henry, who now waits to see if he is selected to go forward to the Norfolk County Competition.

Year 8 Destruction Testing

Year 8 destruction testing – pupils have built a bridge with set materials and then placed under load until the point of collapse. The current leading bridge held over 75kg before breaking; and the team are hoping to beat 100kg this year!

Year 5 have been enjoying their Outdoor Wild Learning

Year 5 pupils have been learning knife safety and basic cutting techniques in their Outdoor Wild Learning (OWLS) session. OWLS is named after a local legend that tells of an owl that disturbed the residents of Holt; whenever they tried to stop it, the owl escaped! OWLS is a part of the curriculum aimed at our pupils from Year 3 to Year 6 which gives them the opportunity to make the most of the Great Outdoors. Please click to learn more about OWLS.

The Prep School were introduced to Safer Internet Week by the IT Monitors

The Prep School IT Monitors, Aydan M, Alex T, Alex H, Matthew C, James M and Morgana M, launched this year’s Safer Internet week with an assembly last Monday to the Prep School, introducing everyone to the theme of ‘Want to talk about it? Making space for conversations about life online’. This was followed on the Tuesday, by an excellent talk to the Year 6 – 8 pupils, from the Senior School Digital Leaders, Sophie L, Reva S, John H and Amelia P. In ICT lessons last week pupils also had the opportunity to talk about what they do online, look at the potential worries they face and most importantly, discuss who they can ask for help, if required.

Year 3 and 4 pupils performed at the Auden Theatre for the first time

The Year 3 and 4 pupils hosted a Nature to Nurture showcase afternoon at the Auden Theatre to friends and families.

They performed poems, plays, dances and sang songs with Climate Change as the theme. This was their first opportunity at performing at the Auden Theatre and everyone did such an amazing job. 

Rockets were built and launched by Prep pupils during a new after school activity

On Monday 6th February, Dr Louise Betts brought 17 Prep School pupils to the Dyson Building to build and fire some air powered rockets with Dr Taylor (Head of Chemistry). During this after school activity, the pupils all designed, built and decorated their own rocket before launching them. As it was dark, they attached glowsticks to the rockets before launching them across Chapel Lawn. The event was a great success and Dr Taylor is already looking forward to the next batch of Prep School pupils coming to build more rockets.

This rocket building activity will also form a new addition to the STEAM Outreach events, where pupils from over 25 local primary schools will spend an afternoon enjoying STEAM activities in the Dyson Building.

Prep Scientists have qualified for National Science Championship finals

Congratulations to Teddy, Hugo, Beatrice and Santiago who beat off fierce competition and qualified for the Quiz Club National Science Championship finals!

The Prep School band have been hard at work during their rehearsals

Elastic Band have been practising hard during their Tuesday morning sessions. Beginner players are always welcome!